Papa Ola Lōkahi supports the efforts of kupuna healing, and the organizing support of cultural masters and traditionalists toward the understanding, support and perpetuation of the Native Hawaiian Healing knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practices. This office advocates for the preservation of such traditions to ensure that the rights and cultural integrity of these practices are respected and appropriately protected.

Through presentations, demonstrations, workshops, kūkākūkā sessions and working closely with kūpuna (elders), POL seeks to improve awareness of and sensitivity to Hawaiian cultural processes and the philosophies of spiritual healing, thus assuring that they are included within the larger health and wellness arena. Whenever possible, POL networks and partners with organizations in the medical communities. This Program keeps apprised of both Hawai‘i legislative and congressional actions impacting and affecting these practices, responds to requests and inquiries, and provides technical assistance to the Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems as well as other community-based organizations as requested.

The Traditional Healing office welcomes kupuna (elder) wisdom to provide the support for its cultural, spiritual and historical foundation. This foundation seeks the knowledge of the source of illness which lies within our ancestral past and environment. The wisdom of this knowledge understands that healing and wellness embraces the principles and protocols of our Native Hawaiian cultural and healing practices, and compels respect for our kūpuna.


Babette Lilinoe Galang, MPH, LMT
Phone: (808) 597-6550

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