KA ‘IKENA, VISION A thriving Native community composed of healthy individuals and families informed about their rich heritage and culture, living in a state of lōkahi (unity), and making informed choices and responsible decisions in a safe island society that is pono (in proper order).

KE ALA MĀLAMALAMA, MISSION To improve the health status and wellbeing of Native Hawaiians and others by advocating for, initiating and maintaining culturally appropriate strategic actions aimed at improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of Native Hawaiians and their ‘ohana (families) and empowering them to determine their own destinies.



  • Aloha: Caring, love, compassion.
  • Mālama: Nurturing, caring for, stewardship.
  • ʻImi ʻIke: Seeking knowledge.
  • Lokomaika‘i: Sharing, generosity.
  • Na‘au Pono: Nurturing what is right and just.
  • Olakino Maika‘i: Maintaining a healthy person.

What we need to be and how we need to act

  • Aloha: We need to respect and treat all with kindness.
  • ʻOnipaʻa: We need to remain steadfast and resolute and persevere to overcome adversity.
  • ʻImi ʻIke: We need to seek knowledge and enlightenment.
  • Pono: We need to be just and seek harmony in all that we do.
  • ʻOia ʻiʻo: We need to be truthful.
  • Haʻahaʻa: We need to be humble.
  • Hoʻomanaʻo: We need to commemorate and be ever mindful of contributions of those who have come before us.
  • Hoʻihoʻi: We need to give back to the community.

How we can improve upon our personal behaviors

  • Aʻo: We need to acquire, communicate, and pass on knowledge.
  • Hana: We need to want to work.
  • Nānā: We need to observe with a keen eye and master the skills that we are required to perform.
  • Hoʻolohe: We need to listen intently.
  • Paʻa ka waha: We need to speak only when it is beneficial to do so.
  • Haʻina ʻia mai ana ka puana: We need to be willing to revise, refine, and restate.
  • Hana ka lima: We need to work diligently together – all share the load.
  • Laulima e kōkua: We need to work together and help one another.
  • Mālama: We need to care for one another.
  • Lokomaikaʻi: We need to share.
  • Hana pono: We need to be accountable for our actions.

POL has incorporated these guiding principles based on Hawaiian values into its program development efforts and personnel policies.

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